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Adoption is the process of legally terminating the rights of the birth parents and granting those rights to the adoptive parents.  Once the adoption is final, the biological parents’ rights to the child are permanently severed.  The adoptive parents then have all of the rights and obligations for that child.

How Can We Help?

Adoptions can be emotional and stressful.  They can also be cause for happiness for the child and the adoptive parents.  At Paul & Perdue Attorneys, our experienced adoption lawyers will explain the adoption legal process, educate you on the relevant law, and accurately and efficiently complete all of the paperwork required by the courts.   We regularly help clients with Stepparent Adoptions, Close Relative Adoptions and Adult Adoptions.

Types of Adoptions.

Stepparent Adoptions. A step parent adoption occurs when the spouse of the birth parent is adopting the child.  A stepparent adoption can occur with or without the consent of the birth parent.  Additionally, in a stepparent the Circuit Court isn’t always required to refer the case to the local Department of Social Services for a Home Study. An experienced adoption attorney can explain the requirements and costs of a Stepparent Adoption.  Learn more about Stepparent Adoptions Click Here.

Close Relative Adoption.  In some cases a close relative, such as an Aunt or Uncle, can petition the circuit court to adopt a child.  This type of adoption can proceed with or without the consent of the parents.  Close Relative Adoptions commonly occur when the relative has raised the child as a result of the parents’ absence.  If the parents object to the close relative adoption then a court hearing is required.  The relative must prove the adoption will be in the best interest of the child by clear and convincing evidence.  Our experienced adoption lawyers can explain the Close Relative Adoption process and the evidence required to satisfy the court’s requirements.

Adult Adoptions.  An Adult Adoption is the adoption of a person who is 18 years of age or older when the Petition to Adopt is filed.  As long as certain these adoptions can be usually be accomplished without a court appearance.  However, the Court may order a Home Study in certain circumstance.  Our experienced Adult Adoption lawyers can explain the process and file all the necessary paperwork.

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