Initial Consultation

What Is It?

Your first meeting with an attorney is referred to as an initial consultation.  The initial consultation is a chance for you to tell your story.  It is a time for you to ask questions and get the answers that you've been looking for.  Additionally, we will have questions for you.  To get the best possible advice, you need to be truthful and tell the complete story.

How Much Does It Cost?

We offer an initial consultation for $50.  Our initial consultations typically last between 30 minutes and 1 hour.  Your payment is due before you leave our office and only covers your meeting that day.  We do offer prepaid phone conversations, however, we prefer to meet with you in person.

What Should I Get Out of My Consultation? Waiting Room

1)      Put you at ease. The biggest cause of anxiety of those coming in for a consultation is the fear of the unknown.  A good consultation will address the legal issues and your options in a way that brings you peace of mind. 2)      Take emotions out of the equation.  A good consultation will help the potential client put aside any emotional issues caused by the legal situation and allow the potential client to focus on the legal problem. 3)      Put together the framework on how to resolve the legal problem.  A consultation may not solve all of your legal issues but it should help you see the path that must be taken to resolve your legal issue. 4)      Let you know whether the attorney is someone that can work with you.  A successful legal result takes effective communication and work from both the attorney and the client.  The consultation is a good time to test your ability to work with the attorney.

What Should I Bring With Me?

Please bring any paperwork, i.e. Summons, Warrants, Garnishments, Complaints, etc. that were served on you or that you filed with the court.  Additionally, please make sure that you have the contact information for the adverse party as we are required to perform a conflicts check.  Finally, if you are seeking a divorce, please make sure you have an understanding of you and your spouses incomes, assets and liabilities.  If you are seeking to modify custody, please bring a copy of the existing custody order.  If your consultation involves a contract dispute, please bring a copy of the contract.  Finally, if you have a personal injury matter, please bring pictures of the vehicle and a list of medical providers that you have seen following the accident.

When Are You My Lawyer?

Filling out our online form, scheduling a consultation and/or meeting with us for a consultation does not make us your attorney.  An attorney-client relationship is not established until you sign a retainer agreement and pay the retainer fee.  Your money is held in a trust account until we perform work on your case.  Please see our Billing Guide for more information.