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Child Support

Paul & Perdue Attorneys represents clients in their initial filings for child support, modifications of support and enforcement of support orders.  We realize that, even when a marriage or relationship ends, an individual’s obligations with a former spouse or co-parent may continue for years. Child Support may change as financial and living situations change.  Paul & Perdue Attorneys will help you navigate those changes.  Success in a child support case requires a plan and preparation by an experienced attorney.  Discover the Power of Plan, Contact our attorneys today. 

How is Child Support Calculated?

The amount of monthly support is set by the Code of Virginia.  The amount is determined by a formula.  The formula is based on several factors including the parties’ incomes, the healthcare costs and the daycare costs.

In theory this seems simple.  However, clients often run into roadblocks foe example one parent hiding income from the other parent.  We hunt down the other party’s sources of income.

How Long Does Child Support Last?

Child support may not terminate automatically, therefore, it is important to read your order.  Generally, child support terminates when the child reaches the age of 18.  However, for a child enrolled in high school, support will continue until the child graduates or reaches age 19.  However, the duration of child support can be extended by agreement of the parties.  Support can also be extended beyond the age of majority if the child is incapacitated.

Is Child Support Taxed?

Support is payable for the benefit of the child and is not taxed as income.

I have an Order but the other Parent isn’t Paying.  What do I do?

Often the custodial parent has difficulty collecting from the other parent.  There are legal options, such as a show cause, available to collect the debt.  We will file the appropriate documents and represent you in court.

Child Support can be confusing if you need help seeking Child Support in Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Fort Lee, Hopewell, Petersburg, Prince George, or Sussex. Give us a call at (804) 668-5327 and schedule a consultation to discuss potential solutions in more detail.

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