Spousal Support

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Spousal Support

Paul & Perdue Attorneys represents clients in their initial filings for spousal support or alimony, modifications of support and enforcement of support orders.  We realize that, even when a marriage or relationship ends, an individual’s obligations with a former spouse may continue for years. Support may change as financial and living situations change.  Paul & Perdue Attorneys will help you navigate those changes.  Success in a spousal support or alimony case requires a plan and preparation by an experienced attorney.  Discover the Power of Plan, Contact our attorneys today. 

What is Spousal Support?

Historically, spousal support was called alimony.  It is money paid by one spouse to another spouse for the receiving spouse’s financial support and maintenance of the marital standard of living.  Spousal support can be paid to either the Husband or the Wife.  Spousal support can be either temporary or permanent.  Spousal support can pursued in circuit court as part of a divorce action or sought in juvenile court on a temporary basis.

How is the amount of Spousal Support Determined?

A court will generally use a guideline formula to determine temporary  support.  For permanent support the court will apply the factors set forth in Virginia Code  Section 20-107.1.  Courts have discretion in determining the amount and duration of support.

How Can We Help?

In many marriages the finances are handled by one of the spouses.  The other spouse is completely in the dark as to the family’s income or expenses.  If you’ve been a stay at home parent then you have likely been financially dependent on the other spouse.  We will subpoena information and investigate your spouse’s income and expenses.  We will also put together a plan, represent you at any settlement conferences and if necessary prepare you for trial.

Spousal support is often a hotly contested issue.  Having a strong plan is key to success.  We represent parties seeking support.  We can also defend you if your spouse is seeking support from you.

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