What should a consultation with an attorney do for you?

A legal consultation is a meeting between an attorney and a potential client in which they discuss the basic facts of the legal dilemma you are facing.  The consultation will usually include potential remedies to resolve the problem and a determination of the costs of representation.

However, the legal consultation is not a sales meeting or a pep rally.  The purpose of the consultation should be about finding legal solutions for the client not about selling a service.

A good legal consultation should do the following:

1)      Put you at ease. The biggest cause of anxiety of those coming in for a consultation is the fear of the unknown.  A good consultation will address the legal issues and your options in a way that brings you peace of mind.

2)      Take emotions out of the equation.  A good consultation will help the potential client put aside any emotional issues caused by the legal situation and allow the potential client to focus on the legal problem.

3)      Put together the framework on how to resolve the legal problem.  A consultation may not solve all of your legal issues but it should help you see the path that must be taken to resolve your legal issue.

4)      Let you know whether the attorney is someone that can work with you.  A successful legal result takes effective communication and work from both the attorney and the client.  The consultation is a good time to test your ability to work with the attorney.

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